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Who we are ?

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Our Mission
  • Atlantis is prefectly ready to get high ranking on search engines. While developing this theme, we kept in mind the usage of title tags (H1,H2..) properly which is good pratice for search engine ready site. So, atlantis is one of them ! So, Be quick to see your site on google ranking page.
  • Atlantis includes sharp retina graphics, which looks great on all retina display devices as ipad, iphone and higher resoultion screens. Don’t miss it , check it out.
  • Atlantis is fully 100% responsive, don’t you belive in it ? Just try to resize your browser or test it in modular devices like ipad, iphone, you will se how easily the contents get’s managed automatically.
Why us ?
Unlimited Colors
Atlantis includes higly power full color settings options inside option panel, you can change each an every elements that you see. We promise you, you can give atlantis a complete new look as you need. So, be ready to desgin by yourself on the fly. Due to it’s flexibility, you can enable or disable any set’s of elements that you need.

Easy Installation & Setup
Atlantis includes a complete sets of pre file (demo file) which you can import on the fly without any headache. Also we provide extensive documentation and video tutorials on how to install theme quicky and how to play with contents. Don’t get worry we are there to help you !

Shortcode Generator
Our framework has enough capability to generete shortcodes for each and every element that you see. So, need not to be worry, also we provide complete set of new feature to add shortcode anywhere you want.

Awesome Admin Panel
We provide highly powerfull admin panel options based on OOP framework with full descriptions, which includes tons of great features like changing color, background, etc, belive us, you don’t need to round up you head to find options as your need.

Our Skills

WordPress 95%
PHP5 80%
jQuery 85%
HTML & CSS 75%

Meet Our Team
Co-Founder / Boss

Designer / Marketing

Developer / Marketing

Manager / Developer

Our Clients